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Medicine Updates journal Port Said (MUJPS) is a double-blind peer review journal published quarterly-annually. Authors are invited to submit their work on any topic of wide spectrum coverage including; medicine, surgery, public health, and epidemiology. Submission of articles is on understanding that the articles have not been previously published in any other form and is not accepted for publication elsewhere.

The journal reserves the right to edit all the manuscript for its style and space requirements and for purpose of clarity. The Editorial Board reserves the right to make the final decision for publication.

Four original copies of the entire manuscript should be submitted to Port Said University journal of medicine.

Faculty of Medicine Port Said University

Address: 23 December street- Elzhoor- port-said governorate- Egypt. 

Fax: 066/3670320

E-mail: dean@med.psu.edu.egVice_dean_postgraduate@med.psu.edu.eg

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Current Issue: Volume 17, Issue 17, April 2024 

Factors associated with neonatal respiratory distress syndrome among infants of diabetic mothers

Pages 1-5

Nashwa Hosny Hegazy; Mohamed Abdel Hamid Metawie; Walid Elrefaie; Ibrahim Arafa Reyad

Clinical recovery in Spontaneous lumbar disc resorption may alter the decision of lumbar disc surgery in the future.

Pages 14-23

Amr Abu Elfadle; Mohamed A Khoudir; Ahmed youssef Soliman; Mohammed Elghareeb; Ebrahim Shamhoot

Two Shades of Marine Life"

Pages 24-36

Basant Yousef Zaki; Islam Mohamed Elsaeed; Heba Youssef

Vitamin D Level and Pregnancy Outcomes among Pregnant Women in Zagazig University Hospitals; Follow-up study

Pages 66-83

Al-Zahraa Mohammed Soliman; Eman Mohamed Abd el-Sattar; Yosra Abd elfattah Osama; Mostafa Abdo Ahmed Salem